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Articles, snippets and thoughts about code from Andrew Lord.



Run shell commands from Kotlin scripts, apps or Gradle tasks with ease. Turtle simplifies the process of running commands from your Kotlin code.

kotlin  ·  shell  ·  gradle  ·  library

Cloak Swift

A tool and Tuist plugin to encrypt secrets and then pass them in an obfuscated form into Swift applications.

swift  ·  encryption  ·  tuist  ·  tool


A tool and Tuist plugin to install Git hooks that can be distributed alongside a Swift project and shared by all the contributors.

swift  ·  git-hooks  ·  tuist  ·  tool


A tool to quickly and easily compress images straight from your command line, powered by the TinyPNG service.

swift  ·  images  ·  tinypng  ·  cli