About me

Everything you need to know about Lord Codes.
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Hi, Iā€™m Andrew Lord! I write Android and iOS apps, games and developer tools. At GetBusy I work as Lead Mobile Developer, where I am leading development of the GetBusy Android and iOS apps. Aside from apps, I am always going on about code quality, automation, testing and design!

Iā€™m very passionate about coding - always trying to learn more and I love to use what I know and what I learn to make things easier for other people. I like to code, blog, contribute to open source, write video games, alongside all sorts of other things! Aside from all that I am an avid gamer and music fan.

On this blog the articles are mainly focused on Kotlin, Swift, Android and iOS. If one particular area interests you most, there are category pages to filter the articles.

I write about many different areas of development, such as: development practices; design patterns and architecture; UI components and design; libraries, frameworks and integrations; tools and then many other tips and tutorials along the way. The goal of Lord Codes is to share my approaches for doing things and to help Android and iOS developers gain a better understanding of writing apps.

How to reach me

If you want to discuss anything or have any questions, please reach out to me on Twitter, I am always happy to discuss things! You can also find my open source work on GitHub.