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Create time intervals with explicit units


In Swift, many APIs take a TimeInterval instead of just a Double, you need to know they are in seconds. Instead we can add functions that provide them with explicit units and allow us to convert them. It makes for a really readable call site!

extension TimeInterval {
   // Hide the calculations from the call site
   private static var secondsPerHour: Double { return 60 * 60 }
   private static var secondsPerMinute: Double { return 60 }

   // Functions to provide time intervals with explicit units
   static func hours(_ value: Double) -> TimeInterval {
      value * secondsPerHour

   static func minutes(_ value: Double) -> TimeInterval {
      value * secondsPerMinute

   static func seconds(_ value: Double) -> TimeInterval {

// They make very readable call sites

I hope the article was useful. If you have any feedback or questions please feel free to reach out.

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